Happy International Keyboard Shortcut Day

Happy International Keyboard Shortcut Day

Over at DDOE Dick has decreed the first Wednesday of November as International Keyboard Shortcut Day. In a comment to his post I said I’m about 50-50 in my mouse-to-shortcut ratio.

A literal case in point is my use of Alt-F11, which VBA folk will recognize as the key combo that whisks you from Excel to the Visual Basic Editor. I use it all the time. Oddly, I rarely use it in the other direction.

Speaking of the VBE… it still has old-style toolbar menus, the kind you can easily modify. Whenever I get a new computer there’s a few VBE setup things I always do, like install M-Z Tools and Smart Indenter. I also get rid of many of the buttons, like Cut, Copy and Paste. Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V were among the first shortcuts I used regularly and it still gives me a sense of competence and tidiness to trash them.

Speaking of the VBE… some of my favorite shortcuts these days are those that combine the Windows key and arrows for moving windows around on your monitor(s). I use them a lot on my laptop, usually to push the VBE to the right and Excel to the left.

Extreme Keyboard Shortcuts

Poking around for pictures to pad this post, one caught my eye with its double meaning:

keyboard shortcuts 1

This one is just whacky. I’ve read the explanation, but I still don’t know what it does. I think the creator may be as fanatical as Dick:

keyboard shortcuts 1

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