Changing Pivot Field Label’s Case

Changing Pivot Field Label’s Case

After last week’s prodigious post I return with a tiny tip: how to change the case of the text in a pivot field’s (or item’s) label. Here’s an example of the problem:

Can't fix case

Above, I’ve noticed that drunken monkeys have hacked my computer and tried to make me look bad by messing up the “Country” label. “Not so fast!” I say and retype it correctly. However, when I click back out of the cell the label reverts to the weird capitalization. Hmmm, perhaps these fiendish monkeys are smarter than I thought!

But no, it’s just one of those Excel quirks. Simply retyping the same letters with the correct case doesn’t fix it. You have to actually change or add a character, leave the cell, and then go back in and fix the case, like this:

Step 1 – add an “x” and hit Enter

Fix Case step 1

Step 2 – type it the way you want it

Fix Case step 2

I could have sworn I’ve seen this same quirk elsewhere in Excel, or perhaps in Windows Explorer, but I looked around and don’t find similar behavior anywhere. If you have, please let me know where, and if this trick works.

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