Vote for Me! (Please)

Vote for Me! (Please)

Mike (Mr. DataPig) Alexander is having a contest – Create a Dashboard in Five Minutes. I procrastinated and slipped in just under the deadline – Sunday evening after finishing my chores I figured out how to use Screencast-O-Matic for more than just animated gifs. I turned on my mic, took the black tape off my camera and recorded a five-minute screenshot. It took about thirty takes (as I mentioned to Mike I now have even greater respect for Orson Welles and Aaron Sorkin). I came away with a video that starts with some unnormalized baseball stats and ends up with two pivots and a slicer. Along the way I showcase a few of my own tools, some of which I’ve blogged about. It was fun, I love learning new things fast.

There’s just one problem, dear reader. So far my video only has two measly votes, despite Mike calling me “stately” and saying that this very blog is one of his favorites (and despite voting for myself):

My dashboard video

Now, you know I don’t ask you for much. So, if you’ve ever said to yourself, I don’t know, anything nice about this blog, or MenuRighter, or are just feeling randomly generous, click the link below, follow it to YouTube and vote for me, yoursumbuddy.

After that you should watch some of the other videos.

5 thoughts on “Vote for Me! (Please)

    • Hi Debra,

      Things are going so well I hired an alter-ego to pick up some of the slack, but I can only afford one vowel.

      I sometimes tell people my name is like “Clancy with a G”. Doesn’t always work though – they end up calling me “Clangy”.

  1. Funny…I often tell people my surname is Weird without the ‘d’. But after I tell them, oftentimes they don’t remove it.

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