Solving the NPR Sunday Puzzle – #4

Solving the NPR Sunday Puzzle – #4

Not to brag but… well, okay, to brag, I had a personal best time in solving this week’s puzzle:

“Name two different kinds of wool. Take the first five letters of one, followed by the last three letters of the other. The result will spell the first and last name of a famous actor. Who is it?”

I could contrive a way to solve this with Excel, but I’m really just looking for an excuse to tell a riddle made up years ago, which provides a clue to the answer:

Q. What do you call a piece of luggage made from wool?

A. Alpaca suitcase.


Google reveals I’m not alone. There’s knock knock jokes and a travel blog, even a high school band on YouTube. But you’re better off with Andrew Bird.

There’s no alpaca connection, I’m just yakking now, although I imagine he’s played with the Mountain Goats at some point.

So, did you figure it out?

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