Prompt to Save Addins

Prompt to Save Addin

I’m pretty good about saving my work, and probably hit Ctrl-S a couple hundred times a day. And of course, as long as things don’t crash, Excel makes it hard to lose your work. One exception is addins, which don’t trigger a save prompt when you close them after making changes, at least when the IsAddin property is True. So I have a routine in my most-used addins that reminds me to save them. But I don’t have it in all of them. The other day this bit me, and I lost 10 minutes of work on an xlam. I decided to generalize my prompt to save addins and put it in an application-level event in my main utility addin. (These decisions come easy; what’s more fun than building a new tool?) This way I’m prompted to save any time I close an addin that I’ve changed.

If you’ve never used application-level events, Chip Pearson’s site has some good information. Okay, here’s how you can add this code to your favorite utility addin (personal.xls will do nicely).

Create a Class called “clsApplication” and paste this code into it:

Public WithEvents app As Excel.Application

Private Sub App_WorkbookBeforeClose(ByVal wb As Workbook, Cancel As Boolean)
If wb.IsAddin And Not wb.Saved Then
    If MsgBox(wb.Name & "Addin" & vbCrLf & "is unsaved. Save?", _
              vbExclamation + vbYesNo, "Unsaved Addin") = vbYes Then
        If ExcelInstanceCount > 1 Then
            MsgBox "More than one Excel instance running." & vbCrLf & _
               "Save cancelled", _
                vbInformation, "Sorry"
           Exit Sub
        End If
    End If
End If
End Sub

Create a global variable to hold the class instance. At the top of a regular code module (before any procedures) put this line:

Public cApplication As clsApplication

(I like to put all my global variables like the one above in a single module, called modGlobals.)

In the ThisWorkbook WorkbookOpen event for your utility addin, put this code:

Set cApplication = New clsApplication
Set = Excel.Application

One problem is that when an addin is saved with more than one instance of Excel open, it gets saved to a new location (maybe the folder of ActiveWorkbook?). So I added code to the BeforeClose event to cancel the save if that’s true. Here’s the function that does the checking:

Function GetExcelInstanceCount() As Long
Dim hwnd As Long
Dim i As Long
    hwnd = FindWindowEx(0&, hwnd, "XLMAIN", vbNullString)
    i = i + 1
Loop Until hwnd = 0
GetExcelInstanceCount = i - 1
End Function

One last thing to do is add code to my global error handler that re-instantiates the cApplication.Class and its App property if they’ve gotten lost, which can easily happen during debugging.

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