Jeff Weir’s Contest

Jeff Weir’s Contest

Frequent visitor to this site, soon-to-be-published Excel author, prodigious blog poster and all-around bon vivant, Jeff Weir, is having a contest over at Daily Dose of Excel. The prize is what promises to be one of the most entertaining Excel books ever – Excel for Superheroes & Evil Geniuses

The contest involves first names of Excel personalities, animal pictures and goofy captions. There’s even a “Doug” one!

You’re supposed to enter in your own name, but if I were to submit one for Jeff it would look like this:

Jeff the beaver

Thanks Jeff for all your support of this blog, your boundless enthusiasm and, of course, for all the yuks.

Check it out:

The Great Your Name Here Competition

5 thoughts on “Jeff Weir’s Contest

  1. Despite mastering Macros, PivotTables, and Advanced Formulas, Jeff’s most common utterance at work remained “DAM IT”

  2. Despite mastering Macros, PivotTables, and Advanced Formulas, about the only appreciative comment Jeff ever heard from his boss was “Nice Beaver”.

    • Haha. That’s awesome! I didn’t recognize the name until I googled it.

      No, it’s Animal, from the muppets. Mah-na-mah-na

      Andrew, I flicked you an email a couple of days ago and wonder if I sent it to the right email address. If not, can you drop me a line to as I’ve got a feature request for your awesome multi-field find and replace tool.

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