Escape Accidental File Moves

Escape Accidental File Moves

Every so often I’m merrily dragging folders or files around when I realize I’m making a painful blunder. For whatever reason, in mid-drag I just want out. Sure, I could try to retrace my steps back to the source, but maybe it’s no longer in sight. Of course, I could do a Ctrl-Z after the fact and hope that Undo does. But really I just want to escape the accidental file move right now:

Esc key

So one day I did just that. I hit the Escape key and trouble was averted.

I know the real solution is to never drag and always cut/copy and paste with Ctrl shortcuts or menus. But since that’s not going to happen, at least I’ve got an escape plan.

This works in Outlook, the VBA IDE and other places as well.

3 thoughts on “Escape Accidental File Moves

  1. This happens quite a lot. Instead I just drag the files up until my cursor is over the ‘menu’ bar (at which point the icon changes to a no entry symbol) and I am safe to let go as it is an illegal move.

  2. You can also right-click and drag; the popup menu displayed when you lift your right finger gives you options to move, copy, create a shortcut or cancel.

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