I think about this blog a lot. I’m always pondering the next post, a challenge given the multitude of great ones that have gone before. I’ve tinkered with WordPress quite a bit, which is fun. Using it inspired me to create this gravatar …

… which I like to call the “smiling sigma.”

And I check my stats (such as they are) a lot. One of my favorites is the list of search terms bringing people to this site.

Search Terms

The two most common have to do with pivot tables and conditional formatting. After that there are a few concerning the NPR Sunday Puzzle, and I’m proud to note that when I google “NPR Sunday Puzzle,” this site is right up there in the results.

Here’s some of my favorites:

“word puzzle first letter hero villain world capital blog” – definitely an NPR Sunday Puzzle solver

“toolbar lengkap excel 2003” – I understand that “lengkap” is Indonesian for “complete”

“goofy code” – I rank very high in the results on this, hopefully only because there’s a post here with that name

My Second Most Favorite Search Term

“sum buddy i use to no” – Now there’s a person after my own heart! What were they looking for? And how do you “use somebody to no” anyways? It sounds handy.

Sadly, I’ll never no.

My Most Favorite Search Term


Yup, according to AwStats, somebody googled “anything” and ended up here. I’m not completely convinced this happened, but it’s there on my screen, so I’m going with it.

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