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Add Classic Menu Items to Right-Click Menu

MenuRighter is a utility that lets you add almost any “classic” menu control – such as the Edit menu or the Freeze Panes button – to any right-click menu.  So, if you still remember where Goal Seek was in Excel 2003, it can be just a right-click away.  It was featured by Debra Dalgleish on her Contextures BlogMore…


My Background

I currently work as a data analyst at Kaiser Permanente. My past work includes data analysis for Portland Public Schools, affordable housing development and computer support for a nationally recognized nonprofit.  My academic degrees are in geography, urban planning and computer programming.  My passion is helping people get the most out of their computers, especially people who are trying to change the world, and especially people using Excel.

  • Excel user since 1993.
  • Programming VBA professionally since 2002.
  • Experienced at teaching Excel/Office techniques to Excel users of different skill levels.


“Doug Glancy has changed the way I look at Excel. With Doug’s guidance, I have been able to create powerful spreadsheets to coordinate large numbers of volunteers, manage workflows, and analyze program outcome measures. In a professional nonprofit world that is becoming increasingly complex and diverse, Doug has helped me to distill nebulous concepts with practical solutions.”

Loren Guerriero, Volunteer Coordinator, REACH Community Development, Inc

“Thank you for the excellent consulting help you provided on two soil engineering spreadsheets I created. I should have hired you sooner! Once I got you involved, the spreadsheets did what I needed and became fun and easy to use. I am no longer embarrassed to submit them to my clients and other engineers for review.”

John Cunningham, P.E., G.E., Alder Geotechnical Services, LLC

“Doug Glancy is more than just a good programmer, because he keeps his focus on the end user’s experience.  He was able to quickly perceive what I was trying to accomplish, and find the best way to make it happen.   In addition, he stood behind his work by fixing any little issues that came up.  His billings were reasonable, and his services are a very good value.  I would use him again and give him an enthusiastic recommendation.”

Mark Newman, President, Woodcraft Inc

“I was working on a project that necessitated my developing charts with more than one ‘vertical axis’ data set. Doug managed to demystify the charting process for me, showing me step by step how to create the visual representation that I needed. End results: decent-looking charts, a satisfied client.”

Allison Handler, Associate, Decisions Decisions